There is something in the RAM. (plus some tips to reset the PRAM)

Ok. I know some people in APPL are reading this blog. And I understand you guys don't like the negative comments after my last post.

However, since my MacBook turned fooking annoying after I installed Leopard which tortured me for months... sorry, I have to tell the truth - at least tell people how to get rid off the troubles.

(And why don't you die-hard Steve Jobs fans stop thinking I'm bluffing? Accept the truth that there IS something technically wrong... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!)

Besides the noise caused by MDS process, another weird thing happened to my MacBook several days after I installed Mac OS X 10.5. It was a cold and windy night... when I pulled my MacBook (which had been turned off already) out of my bag... I just couldn't believe my eyes and my fingers. ↓

The surface of my laptop was terribly HOT (You know I'm talking about the temperature, right?) and the FAN (Yes, I have signed a contract with this superstar for 3 episodes) was CRYING as a crazy bitch! And you know what, the "breathing light" is still breathing as a baby:

Hello, I'm a Mac!

At the moment, the first thing I started to doubt was my memory (not the Designed-in-California stuff). I clearly remembered I pressed the "power off" button, waited until the LCD turned totally dark, and carefully put it into my bag. Was it a dream? Or the dramatic "movement disordered" symptom in House M.D. finally came true?!

In the following days, same things happened over and over again. Every time I closed my laptop after it was obviously "powered-off", the "breathing light" turned on. I opened it, the light off. Close, on. Open, off.... (10+ times) So I have no way but pressed the POWER button for 5 seconds and close the laptop again. Great, it does sleep! Thank God! It's not Rosemary's devil boy! T_T

Sure, I have already found the way to fix this issue, not from Google, but Twitter... because I don't know what keywords to start searching with. ATTENTION! (Thanks asimo118, you saved my life.) Here's the final key to all the unknown strange hardware issues of your once-quiet-and-lovely-but-creepy-these-days Mac(s)! Reset the PRAM!

1) Power off your Mac. (Totally off!)

2) Find out the following keys: Cmd (Apple key) + option (alt) + P + R .

3) Power on.

4) Press and hold the four keys mentioned in Step 2, immediately.

5) Release the keys, when you hear the starting sound of your Mac and see the Apple logo on a grey screen.

6) Problem fixed, or buy a new Mac.