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真是可怕,创新工场某资深投资经理在 Quora 回答「在中国用 VPN 是否违法」的问题的时候,给出的建议竟然是:「不要谈论关于 VPN 翻墙的话题,不要给别人提供工具帮助他们获取被屏蔽的信息,因为国外有些信息对中国人是有害的」。


他说的投资经理是黄继新。黄也是本站作者之一。这个 Quora 问题的链接在这里

问题如下:Is using a VPN in China (PRC) illegal?

黄继新的答案如下(复制于 2011 年 6 月 20 日中午一点):

Brief points (please forgive me for not elaborating):

  1. There is no law about using VPN in China.
  2. Building your own VPN to access your office internal network is, of course, no harm.
  3. Don’t talk about using VPNs to access banned websites. Don’t provide tools to facilitate that, because there are some information bad for the Chinese people.
  4. Any VPN service facilitating bypassing the wall will be eliminated.
  5. No one has officially recognized the existence of such a thing as Great Fire Wall in China. The speakpersons only said that the state has the obligation to protect its people from harmful information.

我认为该答案需要进一步说明,所以今早以「Needs explanation」的理由把它 flag 了。目前该答案已被折叠。